The CTA vision

We envisage the future of the social web as an ecosystem of open source tools designed to enable groups, communities, and co-ops everywhere to share resources, and collaborate at a scale. These open source tools form the technical basis of what has been called "The Open App Ecosystem": A suite of interoperable tools which supports transparent, fair, and decentralised collaboration.

Together, we aim to knit together a flexible, collaborative open social web  -  facilitating the creation of a culture of creativity, collaboration, and mutual support, for the rejuvenation of the commons  -  at the scale required for a connected and collaborative humanity.

What is Collaborative Technology?

‘Collaborative Technology’ represents an evolving infrastructure for use by decentralised and distributed networks and communities to operate more effectively - to think and act better, together. It consists of platforms and interfaces which are designed to facilitate grassroots communities, distributed networks, and forward-thinking groups to make better sense of complex issues, self-organize, navigate decisions, and co-create value. The term represents a diverse range of technology, from group ideation and brainstorming, intention alignment, conversation analysis and synthesis, structured decision-making, resource creation, distribution and management, value exchange and more.