Joining the CTA

The CTA is an alliance of platform makers and technologists who are keen to collaborate on developing greater interoperability between the technologies which power their platforms and protocols and to develop deeper relationships between their communities.

Our members are committed to active collaboration. They attend gatherings, conferences and summits to develop relationships between their networks, to share updates on their activities, ideas and processes. They commit to sharing what they have learned, to coordinating activities and developing more and better ways to work together. They may not know the exact route to tangible interoperability, but they are committed to making it a reality.

Members of the CTA agree to our shared principles and values and are invited to use the CTA Seal on their websites and in their communications to demonstrate their commitment to the CTA and to encourage dissemination of the CTA concept. Adopting the seal is an explicit pledge towards increasing interoperability between our technologies and our communities.