Why this Alliance?

There are many groups around the world working to deliver a more open, more collaborative and inclusive society. These groups are intention-aligned but remain disparate initiatives, which means they fail to benefit from the network effect.

The true value of a collaborative, open network will only manifests when its members communicate, and work together, through the same system or connected, federated systems. To catalyse this network effect, the CTA aims to encourage greater interoperability between the technologies and communities in our network.

The web of relationship and connections between our communities, and our platforms / apps / protocols is not immediately visible to the wider world, except via updates within our own networks and glimpses of social media activity. The CTA aims to change that by creating a visible representation of the connections within its' network.

We believe an aligned ecosystem of individuals, processes, and tools can stabilize and rejuvenate the commons, and more efficiently distribute resources to the parts of the network that need them most, rather than concentrating resources in the hands of a few.